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My name is Maryjane,

and together with my husband Jan we live in a small village named Geldermalsen. We are both crazy about cats especially from the breed types Scottisch Fold & Selkirk Rex.

In 2005 we got our first Scottisch Fold,
we have gone to several cat shows beforehand, and therefore decided to go first. Zoë is originally from Russia, her name means life, she also received 2x a litter with beautiful kittens in the past.

Now after years it starts to itch again and now the children are out of the house, together we also have more time and space to let the kittens grow. Because we want to do everything in a good and correct way according to race requirements, we decided to start a cattery and join a cat club.

After a long search for a name for the cattery it is ultimately the name, Amazing Scotts & Curls. The Scotts stands for the breed Scottisch Fold and the Curls for the Selkirk Rex with their amazing curls (Curls) in their hair.

So we started a cattery from pure hobby and therefore will not often get a litter, but if we get a litter this is according to breed characteristics, as it should be according to the cats association. We want to raise all kittens with a sweet and social character, so that you will have a lot of fun with them.

Feel free to take a look at our website and if you have questions or being interested we would like to hear this. We also try to keep the website up-to-date as much as possible, and via instagram we upload pictures of our cats and future litters.

Greetings Maryjane